You have been chosen to possibly partake in a time-honored tradition that we in the business call TFP (Time For Print or Time for Photos).  If we both decide to proceed, you will been given the opportunity to shoot with me, at NO charge. As your compensation, you will be given the rights to use the images (online, print, wherever) we create together. With my prices (inexpensive by professional standards) you are being given the opportunity to partake in an opportunity that I would normally charge upwards of $175 or more to perform normally.

For whatever reason, we have found each other, and you have a look that I want to capture for my portfolio.  What this means is everything I shoot (as with any professional photographer) legally belongs to me, but I will give you the copyright permissions to use the images. To see an example of my copyright release, see my partial copyright release. Please note, you will be required to sign a photographic release indicating that you understand that these photos are the property of the photographer and may be used in any way I see fit. I will take your input into consideration, but know that the ultimate use is solely at my discretion.

One question I am almost always asked by a potential model is “Do I really have the model look?” Along those lines, I hear so often “I don’t have a model body” and other various self-doubting comments.  Keep one thing in mind: EVERYONE is photogenic, its just up to the photographer to show you.  Also, just because you may not fit YOUR perception of beauty, doesn’t mean others will agree with you. Don’t forget, Calvin Klein made a huge name for himself by using models who were drastically unique!

Here’s what you can expect from me:

  • You will have a full studio experience, very similar to my portrait sessions.
  • You will be given several images for your time with a partial copyright release to use those images in any way you see fit. The amount and type of images will be solely at my discretion. Typically, for this type of shoot, proofs will stay in my control. If time allows, I may go through proofs with you after the shoot.  If you wish to have more photos than I create, you may discuss with me. However, please realize honoring that request is solely up to me. This is contingent upon my current workload and how well the final images will benefit my portfolio.
  • We will shoot for up to four hours of time (at the most), but usually closer to two hours. This way, we can be sure we are getting the best images possible of you and we aren’t rushed. Often in a studio environment, setting up a shot can take much longer than actually taking the photo. I am very particular in my work, and you will appreciate that once you see the final product.
  • Chances are I have sought you out to work in the studio exclusively, but there may be the possibility of working on location depending on what we have discussed.
  • We will have the shoot discussed and completely arranged before we shoot so you know exactly what to expect. No surprises!  You may be asked to provide certain types of clothing or makeup. I can help consult on this, and in some cases I may even visit you and help pick out clothing. I also have some stock of clothing or accessories I keep in my studio.  In some instances I may contract a professional makeup artist (at my own cost – $35-$80 and at my own discretion).  If you wish to contract a professional, you are welcome to at your own expense if I do not offer. In some cases, I may touch up a few things before we shoot just to assure a good image.
  • Please come prepared with whatever clothing or accessories we decide on.  Be freshly showered, neat and clean (you may think this would be common knowledge, but not everyone thinks of this).  Keep in mind, it can get warm in the studio. I will do my best to regulate the temperature, but you may sweat a bit.  I may ask you to style your hair or I may ask you to bring product and we can work on your hair together. Either way, it should be freshly washed. For more tips on a great shoot, see shooting with me for more information.
  • The creative direction of the shoot is as my complete discretion (after all, its my portfolio right?). However, that being said, I will not put you out of your comfort zone by any means.  I will, of course, ask for your input as well.  I want to make sure these images benefit both of us. That is, after all, the intention of a TFP shoot.
  • If you have seen my portfolio already, you will notice that a great deal of my studio work is done in a simplistic manner, using only light and shadow to create an effect. I am unlike many photographers in that I do not use “scenes” or various props to create my images. I enjoy the challenge of using studio lighting. I am open to your suggestions also.
  • We have the potential of using several styles of lighting. In addition to the traditional three-point lighting (used in most professional studios), we may also opt to use “high fashion”/glamour lighting (used by the the biggest names in photography like Adam Bouska and his famous NOH8 campaign), and a dazzling “diva light” experience. Both of these two options create an edgy and gorgeous and flattering light that brings out your eyes and compliments any skin tone. Ever notice photos with a brilliant light in the model’s eyes? This is the effect!  There very few (if any!) photographers in the area who know how to use this lighting or even have the equipment. I do!
  • Backgrounds used may be solid colors (such as red, white, black, gray, orange, yellow, pink, purple, etc) or other backgrounds I may wish to use.  These will be used to compliment the colors you are wearing and to fulfill the concept I choose. Chances are, we have already talked about the concept. If we have not, talk to me about it and we will see what we can come up with together.
  • I always include light retouching and editing of everything I give to my clients. Please understand I do not “overshop” images. You will not look like a porcelain doll.  I believe fully in being honest in my images, and I am sure you will be very happy with the final product. See my philosophy of shooting for more information.
  • After the images are completed, you will be given an online link to download and use your edited/retouched images however you like.  I only ask that if you do post them online anywhere, that you DO NOT remove my logo. This is mandatory for the use of my images! One of the main reasons I have invited you to my studio for free images is to provide the public with examples of my work in an effort to expand my business. If you wish to have your photos without a watermark/logo, you will be required to pay the full portrait price, listed here. If you wish to make a print of your image and therefore do not want a logo on it, speak to me directly about it and I will see what I can do.  I will offer to make prints of your images for a fee if you wish.
  • I will most likely be posting your images on one of my websites. You will be encouraged to share links to these images. Feel free to show off the fact that you are a model for!
  • If you need a way to contact me to discuss further, please see the contact page.